Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Story Behind the story...

The story behind the blog about Julio and Benjamin (Nov 5 2006)

In a sea of thousands of people of color I suppose my white face and red hair stood out as I approached Julio and Ben. What TV station are you from? Julio asked me when I said, can I ask you a few questions. Independent blog I responded. I was taking notes of their take on the situation (read about it in the Nov 5 blog) when suddenly a blonde woman pushed me aside with her microphone (with Channel 4 prominently displayed) and a large camera butted me aside and she interviewed Julio and Ben. Maybe the blonde TV woman saw safety in numbers, or maybe she really didn’t know where to go and interviewed the two men I was interviewing because I was white. I don’t know what was going on in her pretty little head, but I can’t figure out with all the thousands of people waiting in line that she randomly picked the only two men I was interviewing for her story. That night I turned on Channel 4 news and there was Julio. Somehow the law of cause and effect was in operation.

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