Monday, May 31, 2010

gypsy journey

leaving bensonhurst, now in hoboken. i think i have slept in over 100 beds in the last few years, including floors, couches, futons and matresses. in the past year it has been nyc, woodstock, key west, belle river, canada, brooklyn and now hoboken.

hoboken is an easier commute to the job, and the mystery pain in my joints is gone. two possibilities: the microwave units in the building behind mine that faced my bed, or the lead-soaked mosquito netting under the bed that the lease holder of the apartment felt kept the micro waves at bay. I won't miss all the smoke from tenants smoking so close to my apartment it stunk, and the trash in the halls. also, scary fighting in the middle of the night - when the fights stopped I could hear snoring coming from under my bed.
what I'll miss: a short train ride to coney island.