Friday, November 01, 2013

Snowden: pawn in right-wing conspiracy

There is a belief that Edward Snowden is part of a right wing conspiracy to take down President Obama. Something about the whole thing just doesn’t smell right, including Glenn Greenwald, the lawyer/journalist who broke the story who is now living in exile in Brazil. Are both of these Americans pawns in a bigger story? Did they sell their soul? Follow the money.
Cemetery, Key West

It was recently “leaked” that Snowden and Greenwald will received 250 million dollars from Pierre Omidyar to create an internet “general” news site.  Is Snowden a journalist? Pierre Omidyar, billionaire, was born in Paris of Iranian parents and moved to the US when he was a child. He is uneducated like Snowden and like Snowden is a whiz at computer programming. His billions come from profits from eBay, the company he founded. So, who backed him?

It was revealed in a recent NYTimes article that Omidyar intends to spend 8 billion to back general news sites with the intention of making the government more transparent and making the world a better place. I am not a journalist so I say bullshit! And Omidyar tried to keep this info SECRET?

Here’s the NYTimes article. Try not to laugh – or cry!

Short excerpt:

Pierre Omidyar: We want to do a better job bringing important investigative stories or deep human stories that tend to be overlooked to a broader audience and we can use technology to figure out how to do that. It isn’t as simple as just throwing something in their faces about an important issue. That’s just like a public service ad and will likely be ignored.
Technologists understand our users and break down how user engagement increases from somebody that maybe just tries your product once and then goes away, to a different kind of person that progressively gets more and more engaged and then becomes just totally locked into your product. That’s something people in Silicon Valley spend a ton of time analyzing, working on and thinking about.
So, it’s about consumerism. As always.