Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Confederate Flag Beer & Fishing at Hooters New Port Richey

My father said he wanted to go to the hoochie coochie place - the name he uses to describe Hooters - because he likes their hamburgers. We were seated at a picnic table near the river.  I took this picture while waiting over thirty minutes for our lunch.

The rest of the view included exposed butt cheeks and breasts in the all female waitstaff; mounds of fried food the same orange color as the waitstaff's panty hose; and mounds of fat bodies sitting at tables devouring the orange food. Off to the side was a play area for the children where they threw something at a target.

My parents are 92 and 86 and when my father asked me to drive him to the "hoochie coochie" place, I complied. But I was not happy. What could be more disagreeable on a beautiful sunday afternoon for this nature lover? Sitting in the shade looking at:  tits and ass, the confederate flag, fat bodies, and artery clogging food. What is in that oil that makes all the food the same color?

Minimum wage for waitstaff is $2.31, and has not changed since 1991. In addition to the low wage, these young women have to put up with objectification. Why is Hooters a family restaurant? I was embarrassed for the children and the young (male and female) adolescents who sat with their families waiting for the food with the obvious message that ass and boobs, fried food and confederate flags are normal.  The scene was ugly. And everyone around me looked hungry.