Sunday, July 15, 2007

Yoga on the Lake

Lake St. Claire, Belle River, Ontario

Teaching yoga to mom and dad (and my sister Karen when she's here) has been a privilege. Every morning we do chair yoga. Sometimes we take it outdoors by the lake. A funny thing happens when you take yoga outside, everything changes. A funny thing happens when you visit family, everything changes.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


David & his new wrist tatoo. He says it is a symbol for breath.


After traveling for 24 hours, finally we have lunch!
Darling Dana Daughter
Spring Street Restaurant, Lafayette, Soho.

At the Airport

My last hour in Wellington Vlad and Kazz see me off.
A last flat white on the floor

Lower East Side

Unbelievable changes.
the sign is an advertisement for Virgin Phone. It says:
You’re no longer the Bohemian cousin of the East Village. You’ve got the fancy hotels and trendy boutiques that finally make you a part of the gentrified downtown scene. Go on with your bad self. But amen for keeping it real even in the shadow of your new, overpriced condos. LES, you’ll always have the soul of an artist. It’s just not starving any more. That’s the kind of flexibility and change we embrace. With our cell phone plans, you can switch hassle-free. Annual contracts? That’s the kind of closed-minded thinking that will get your ass kicked on Orchard Street.

Presenting an idea as awesome as you: plans without annual contracts.

Virgin Mobile. You Rule.


New York Dyke Parade

I stumbled on the New York Dyke Parade on Fifth Avenue. I joined in marching down to Washington Square Park. I shot, I laughed, I even smiled at this police officer, who was very nice. It was a pleasure to be under the eye of the New York Police who were not hostile, unlike my unfortunate experiences during the anti-war march in 2003, a time before digital cameras and blogs for me, but one of the most frightening days of my life on this planet. Coming back to New York was great this time.