Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

So much to be thankful for. Back in the USA visiting family down south and watching the tube for the latest news. Politics is the big story. No one can find any fault with President-elect Obama.

In the midst of watching Obama on TV it is clear what an intelligent and dignified President he will be.

Contrast this with the failed VP Republican Sarah Palin who as Governor of Alaska recently gave a press conference while a turkey was slaughtered behind her. She ended the interview with a smirk and a comment that the press will probably find some fault with it. -- As if torturing animals should not be questioned. Nothing is lower than people who torture those who cannot speak for themselves. And those who take pleasure in it? There is something seriously wrong with the education of the American people. The corporations are getting a bailout for greedy faulty investments. Nothing can bailout the poisoned mind that enjoys hurting others.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Looking for an Apartment in New York

I sublet my Manhattan apartment and the sub letter stole it. So now I'm starting over again.

Looking for an apartment in new york city has been a daunting experience. People who have overpriced dumps are loosing roommates and want a new one to share the love. After looking for a few weeks I know what I want and don't want: I want light, clutter free space with a window that doesn't, 1. have bars, 2. look out on a wall, 3. look out on a roof, all of which I have lived with in the past.

Checking out shares is interesting too. Some apartments have no living/shared space. Just kitchens with rooms next to the kitchen for sleeping.

After house sitting in beautiful apartments in Queens and Brooklyn and visiting friends in Manhattan who respect the space they live in, it is harder for me to compromise. I miss what I left three years ago, a beautiful apartment on the lower east side, on a high floor. I subleased my apartment to a friend of a friend, who promised to return my apartment to me when I returned to New York. So it goes.

The thief is a real estate agent --, oh ironies of irony.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Halloween 2008

My favorite costume at the Theatre for the New City Party

Reuben as President George W Bush in college

and not to be outdone, this dog was stealing hearts on Avenue A.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tears for New Zealand

national party wins in new zealand

New Zealand just elected John Key, (self made millionaire) of the National Party, an extreme right winger who wants to bring in nuclear energy, send troops to Iraq, create more private investing, and cut back on all the layabouts (social services) including health care. Hey, this sounds like the last administration in the U.S. He said New Zealanders want a safer NZ (code for you know what)

While living in NZ I witnessed two campaigns for Prime Minister, 2005 and 2008, although more low key than the US, the drama was high in 2005 because Don Brash's campaign money came from the Exclusive Brethren, a right-wing Christian organization, and personal consultations on how to campaign from George Bush's advisers. When these things were discovered, they were denied (and later proven true) National lost in 2005.

Although I found it understandable that while I lived in New Zealand people were quite rabid haters of George Bush, (as in: "...there's enough of you bloody amerians here already!") it is perplexing now why they have virtually elected him to run their country.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And for the animals

My heart cannot take so much goodness!

Just as important as who we voted for President, California was also voting for the humane treatment of animals.

California said no to the torture of animals raised for food. Proposition 2 passed by more than 62% of the people (and we know that 62% are not vegetarians!). Could it possibly be a new compassionate age? Proposition 2 will put an end to the inhumane confinement of animals on factory farms. And so we unite in the belief that all animals deserve humane treatment, even those of us who are raised for food. Hooray!

The New President-Elect Obama

When I left NZ a few weeks ago, people on both sides of the sea wondered about my return to one of "America's worst of times..."
....but it looks like I've come back to America's best.

Perhaps the next time I travel abroad non-Americans will be more generous in their judgment of and hatred towards the American people.
It looks very optimistic indeed.

People are saying they knew Obama would win and at the same time they are saying they can't believe it.

It's going to be very interesting. We owe a huge debt to those who were killed in this country by Americans just because of the colour of their skin. It feels hopeful.