Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dad, Belle River


My 83 year old dad plays tennis six days a week
I’ve been helping him around the cottage
hammering, painting, climbing ten foot ladders
walking on roof tops

Today we took a canoe trip on Lake St. Claire
on the way we were in total sync in the stillness
the lake like glass
coming back we paddled in circles
and laughed our bums off

He says when he looks in the mirror
he can’t believe it
how did he get here? How did he get old?
He wants to see New Zealand but doesn’t know

He’s reading Wuthering Heights
he can’t believe it he says
how beautiful the story is
and how many stories must be lost
because they were written by women
so long ago

Go to Alberta Dad says
you’ll get rich teaching yoga
they need you there...
they are all working too hard
discovering the oil

august 24, 2006

Update Disclaimer Soundclick got back to me immediately and deleted the fraudulent pages. I have created my own web pages to prevent any future theft of my names again: The Dangerous Diane Band and Dangerous Diane. Still waiting to hear from myspace.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dangerous Diane & Dangerous Diane Band DISCLAIMER

There are two sites (Myspace and soundclick) with unauthorized pages with my name, music, image and chats putting words in my mouth that make me sound like an idot: Dangerous Diane and the Dangerous Diane Band.

It is flattering that someone wants to be me but it is quite alarming to have someone say things in my name that are not true. Therefore, while this is pending, if there are any inquiries about me, please contact me at this blog while this matter is being settled.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunset for Billy

Lake St. Claire, Belle River, Ontario, Canada

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Billy in the Light

My cousin Billy died today
for years he would call me
in New York from Canada
when he was drunk
the next night when he got drunk
he would call me again
to apologize for calling me when
he was drunk.
(I had to laugh.)

Then he made it.
For one whole year he called me sober
We talked a lot about when we were kids
Swimming in Lake St. Claire in Belle River
where I am at this moment writing
this, remembering him.

Billy struggled with his addictions
He called me the night he went out
And since then he did things
some people find unforgivable
Now the living are reliving their pain
on this day, the day of Billy’s death.

Today I went to church with Dad
we tried to light a candle
(they’re electric now at St. Jude Church)
but the green and blue plastic candles
refused my touch

Here is a photo of a sunset on the
lake we played in as kids
I’m putting Billy in the setting sun
in the memory of light

There is a lot of wind outside my window
and a rattling that is shaking me to the bone
I wish for Billy to be able to move on
find his way
and for the living to find forgiveness
in their hearts.

August 19, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Heart My Hair

In New Zealand
I arrived as a blonde
but my Kiwi lover hated blondes
said his ex was a blonde and he
swore he would never go for a blonde again
so I dyed my hair red and my Kiwi
lover still curled his body away from me
in our bed

In New York
new headshots by Guler Ugur
shot on the streets of the Lower East Side
shooting in front of a white
handball court
while young people graciously
gave up their game
New York can be that way

Then off to Essex Street
where I changed my shirt
at the top of the stairs
in a dark corner
where a man below watched
while pretending not to

I am grateful for Guler’s talent
and her love and friendship.
The giggles we shared
after not seeing each other
for a year was worth the trip
back to New York

But now in Canada my family says
ewwwwwuuuuuuu hate the red
go back to being a blonde
who will I listen to?
my photographer?
my Kiwi Lover?
my heart?
Oh heart how I have turned
my back on you before

Tuesday, August 15, 2006



If I will not judge someone who steals food
would I judge someone who steals a guitar

if I cannot understand my own sister’s pain
why am I surprised there is war

august 14, 2006
Photo: Seward Park, East Broadway, New York City

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Drunk Dentist

the day was hot
the dentist was drunk
the work was gone
the friends came by

I had the opportunity
but not the desire
gave up again
better than
giving in
either way
it’s okay

Monday, August 07, 2006

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Dawn Bonny Bindi & Me.

White sheer curtains
blowing and singing
first track
Sex Pistols
second track
Krishna das

sharing berries and pie
laughing all the while
girls just wanna have fun
in the heat in the city

New York in the summer
house-sitting for Bonny
in the west village
grateful for good company
and air conditioning
from the gods

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Friday, August 04, 2006

Carmine Street Guitars

My friend Norman who is a great musician said to take my guitar to Kelly at Carmine Street Guitars in the West Village. Kelly made the adjustments that make this guitar beautiful and he did it all for an amazing price. I am very pleased and grateful to Kelly for his work. Carmine Guitars is at 42 Carmine Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenue. The building was built in 1826. Kelly says what makes it distinctive as landmark building is the peak on top.

The back room used to be a speakeasy during prohibition in the early part of the 20th century. Here Kelly makes, repairs and does everything else you can think of with guitars. Kelly builds unique solid body guitars, crafted by hand, selecting the wood himself. The wood is aged at least 80 years. According to Kelly, “This vintage wood gives the guitar its musical soul.”

He also sells strings at the best price I have ever seen in a music store in this town. Check out, Carmine Street Guitars.

My guitar has a new home, thanks to Kelly.

Norman and the Buddha, with my guitar.

War Is Over

My friend Merry Fortune was giving away her guitar so she gave it to me. She said it was a beat up guitar with awful action that didn’t like the heat. I don’t have a picture of Merry but everyone on the poetry scene thinks she’s me and I’m here. We don’t get it. But she is a great activist. Here’s a photo of a banner erected by Merry would approve. And I love her name.

Susan Hayward and Salvation Army Shoes

1953 Susan Hayward plays a drunken starlet in the real life story, "I'll Cry Tomorrow". Considering the date the movie treated Alcoholics Anonymous with some dignity. Susan's drunk acting though clearly showed she was working from the outside in. A few belts might have helped. Or maybe, she had a few belts and that made her go nuts. I DON'T WANT A DRINK. I HAVE TO HAVE A DRINK. GIVE ME A DRINK. Thrash trash thrash, fall to the floor. Pretty cool seeing New York in the 50's in black and white. Shoes from Salvation Army, $7.50, that's $12.0115 in Kiwi Dollars. Shoes satin, not leather. Latter info provided to friends who are trying to catch me consuming animals. Love Animals, Don't Eat Them, Don’t Wear Them.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

100 degrees today

The temperature hit 100 degrees F today. That's 37.7777 C. Dripping in sweat. Photo by Guler Ugur.

Tribes Gallery more photos

More photos at Tribes. John Farris, poet and artist extraordinaire with Bonny Finberg in background. Hat message: TALK TO DA BOMB. Photo of me and John by Bonny Finberg, siren writer.

Dinner with Dana

Dinner with Daughter

A Mediterranean feast including green olives imported from Israel, and fragrant spices from Lebanon, bought at a nearby Jewish store on the LES. They go well together, compliment in each other on the table, in our mouths. This is New York, culturally diverse, everything at our fingertips to enjoy. New York is easy to love. The USA, how easy it is to love her and want to leave her.

All through dinner we listened to Leonard Cohen, first time for Dana. What a thrill to introduce my daughter to this man and enjoy the same music together. We have been away from each other for the past year and missed our meetings for food, talk and laughs.

Laughing self-portrait