"Two Transsexuals at the Airport"

“Diane Spodarek's TWO TRANSSEXUALS AT THE AIRPORT is an absolute delight. Oh, the irony of it! Talk about finding a sweetheart right next door, so to speak. I guess when two souls are attracted to each other, it doesn't matter what body they're in, or were in. This is a surprising play with a joyous ending you won’t see coming. This is a change you can believe in."
Edward Crosby Wells, Judge, Winner, Short Play Contest,

"The Drunk Monologues," New Zealand International Fringe Festival, 2006:

In a deceptively ramshackle blend of talk, drink and song, Spodarek captures and exposes the paradox of an era and culture that has found new forms of self-imposed oppression in its quest for freedom.” John Symthe

"WINTER," Bats Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand, 2008

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