Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Transylvania Review by Spodarek

As part of the World Cinema in Wellington, New Zealand, I reviewed this film for Lumiere Reader.

Transylvania, by Tony Gatlif, opens with beautiful images of the Romanian countryside shot from a moving car, from different angles, in slow and fast motion, blending rich colors of browns, beige, yellows, grays and decay until the car stops in a small village. Zingarina (Asia Argento) and her two girl friends wander around looking for Zingarina’s Romanian lover, Milan, (Marco Castoldi) who suddenly disappeared and left her in France.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dreaming New Zealand

"Dreaming New Zealand" A videotape by Diane Spodarek & Jay Yager, Spidershack Productions, 3 min. 2006. Photo stills: Jay Yager. See Jay's website:

I had an ephiphany
as clear as a night sky
with nuclear stars
listening to Dolly Parton
everything was clear

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Horse and Crystal in Winter

Melissa Billington, Todd Rippon

My new play, "Winter" which I have been writing since the day I came to New Zealand (10 June 05) received a wonderful reading at the Newtown Community Centre as part of the Magdalena Aotearoa National Gathering on 6th April 07.

Following the reading the audience gave fabulous feedback in a supportive environment and it will now be fine tuned and prepared for the final draft for its New Zealand premiere.

Friday, April 06, 2007

What's the Worst Thing That Can Happen

14th St. Subway, Downtown F Train, Nov. 2006.

A song about the worse thing that can happen when you get drunk

"I Miss You"
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Catch a Fire Review by Spodarek

“Catch a Fire,” France/UK/South/Africa/USA, Director: Philip Noyce, Screenplay: Shawn Slovo, with Derek Luke and Tim Robbins. World Cinema Showcase, Wellington, New Zealand

“Catch a Fire” is a remarkable film based on the life of Patrick Chamusso a black South African man. Although it is one of many stories of oppression during Apartheid, this one dares to show how one man’s own personal actions contributed to his arrest and torture under Apartheid. Read more and see pic:

Heartbreak Hotel Review by Spodarek

Heartbreak Hotel, Swedish, Director/Screenplay: Colin Nutley. World Cinema Showcase, Wellington, New Zealand

“Heartbreak Hotel” is the Swedish version of “Thelma and Louise,” except there is no rape, no murder, no crime sprees, no cops, no double suicide, and no (unknown-then) Brad Pitt. So, what is the connection? It’s a movie with two smart, sexy and funny 40+ women as the protagonists, but not a chic flick (not that that title makes any sense to describe women’s point of view in a film.) It is a radical film though because there is no nudity, no sex, no violence and the men look like buffoons. Read more and see great pic:

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Black Snake Moan a review by Spodarek

Samual L. Jackson is Black Snake Moan. See my reivew from the World Cinema Showcase 2007 in Wellington, New Zealand:

Black Snake Moan by Writer/Director Craig Brewer opens and closes with black and white archival footage of Mississippi Delta Blues Man Son House (1902-1988) talking about the blues: how the blues can move you to do anything, even move you to kill. Powerful stuff.

Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci are compelling characters as Lazarus and Rae, an unlikely couple to form a friendship other than a sexual one. Not that Rae doesn’t try, but Lazarus reaches for his bible and tells the Lord that if He dumps this white chick in his path, he will do his best to redeem her of her whoring nymphomaniac ways. Read more: