Monday, November 20, 2006

My New York Gig

Pre praise for the work comes from Bonny Finberg. Here is a copy of her email to her friends:
Hi All,
I'm sending you this announcement of my friend Dangerous Diane's
play, which is opening at Tribes on Sunday as well. So if you're free
after Sparrow's party, walk over to Tribes to see the work of this
amazing writer, performer, all around vehicle of brilliance who is
also funny as hell. And i do mean Hell. She is only here another
couple of weeks before she returns to her home in New Zealand, to
where she fled after taking The Downtown NY scene by storm during the
eighties and nineties. Her last Fringe Festival piece, The Drunk
Monologues, was a journey of love, music and alcohol, through Diane's
painfully honest lens from the sublime to the ridiculous. See
announcement of her performance of two new Plays, WINTER and MARLEY
AND RACHEL for one performance only below: DON'T MISS THIS!

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