Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Sober Monologues or Sobriety is Over Rated

"The Sober Monologues".
Live Performance: "The Drunk Monologues" ph: Guler Ugur 

A new project - sobriety is over rated. 

After 18 years sober, it is time to test the waters. 

There are many, including those in AA who believe you cannot go back. Why not? There is the claim that if you are sober for any length of time and pick up a drink, you will be back when you hit your bottom; in other words you could never drink socially ever again - you will simply be the pathetic person you were when you quit drinking.

I have never believed that I had to give my will over to a higher power to stay sober. But I have never wanted to test it before. Here's the thing: isn't it more useful to understand the desire before the drink? Otherwise, without knowing the cause of why one chooses to get drunk, it remains unresolved.

I'm also interested in others who may have done so successfully - or not.

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