Friday, January 30, 2009


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in these times of enjoying silence in the country, words are precious.
There is less time to blog, less time to download the photos form my country walks; less time to put up another entry.
The Internet does not save me time; with slow connections it eats my time and steals my silence.

I wonder if people feel they have less time because of the internet? Is it another addiction, another distraction?
blah blah blah
The blog network is huge. Facebook wants to own our creativity and claims they do. What I write here is okay if it is not "literary". According to one source, what I write here cannot be published elsewhere.
In 2009 I will have something published in a very good literary journal in which the "story" cannot have appeared any where else -- including my own blog!

Soundclick Update

soundclick has removed my music illegally sold on their space.
now i'm waiting to see when. they say it was removed "some time back."
And, I'm waiting to hear how many times the music was bought.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My first record

Here is the cover of my first record, (in its sleeve)
"Potentially Dangerous" about child abuse.
My daughter and her father are both in the picture.
Posting it here to help soundclick remove the illegal selling of this song on their music store page.

Dad in his Obama t-shirt

This is the first time my parents and I voted for the same person. As I talk to friends and mention this, I am struck by a few things: that I am blessed to have both parents in my life; I am blessed to have a a good relationship with them. But I am curious. How many others experienced agreement within their family on Obama?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Artists Cemetery Woodstock

who was it that said
nothing ever happens in heaven
well maybe baby,
maybe they've never been there

i'm going to send you to heaven
i'm going to send you to heaven
i'm going to send you to heaven
send you a post card
wish you were here

give peace a chance

The peace sign is everywhere in Woodstock.
It is very groovy.
as if
wearing sterling silver peace sign earrings is doing your bit against the war

Soundclick Nightmare

Why do people steal other people's art?
How do people steal other people's art and sell it on the internet?

Susan Clone has put my songs on the soundclick music store claiming she is the "artist" and selling it. Although I doubt she is getting rich, if even one person bought one song, s/he is a thief.

I am waiting for soundclick to shut this down. I am the one that has to prove my work is original. And,
This is the second time this person has posted my music to soundclick, in August, 2006 it was removed.
Although the internet provides instant access to one's art, illegal use, stolen identity and all around annoyance is hopefully burning some old karma.


This is a colour photo of a stream not far from where I am now living in groovy Woodstock. It is lovely to see snow again after three winters in New Zealand. I'm in a cabin in the woods with no tv and slow internet connection, trying to figure out the meaning of life with my books by Hesse, Thoreu, Emerson and PD James.