Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Birthday and i found art

was my birthday

On the eve of my birthday I received an unexpected gift.
At the Farmers Market I was hanging at the Suncoast Food Coop stand when I saw a brown paper bag sitting on the lip of a white board easel.

The tag on the bag said FREE ART: a gift for you!
It was wrapped in paper and a ribbon. The gift: A ceramic heart by "Sherry".
Thank you Sherry.
i found art (by Sherry)
From the "A Gift for You" tag for i.foundart: "Art Abandonment is a group of artists sharing what we love to do by leaving artwork in random locations across the globe to find and enjoy. Today the universe picks you to receive this gift with the hope that you enjoy it or pass it onto someone else. If you wish you can send a message to t let us know it was found."