Tuesday, December 31, 2013


A joyous and peaceful happy new year to everyone who has stumbled onto this blog.

In 2013 a grateful list:

I had work published in three anthology books.

Moved to a new apartment in Westbeth Artists' Housing - after being on the wait list for 15 years!

Visited my folks often in Florida and Canada. My parents at 91 and 86 have a good quality of life. My dad plays tennis most days and mom, even with alzheimers, enjoys nature and walking.

Last entry for 2013. I hope to post all past and present work in my own webpage: dianespodarek.com. Still looking for the right host. Any recommendations?

My webpage in the literary section at Westbeth's Webpage:

Artists Page Westbeth Artists

Another reason to be a FB Virgin Or just repent

End of the Year Warning: Quit FB before it’s too late.

Do you need another reason to quit FB or are you just going to bitch about it? Because now FB is collecting what you don’t publish. If you type anything over five characters and stop to think that maybe you shouldn’t call your boss a hoe or say your ex has bad hygiene, FB has it! FB is now tracking and collecting everything you type but hesitate to publish within ten minutes. So even if you delete, FB owns you!

FB says they want to know why we self censor. They have hired a BF Skinner Frankenstein scientist to look at what everyone deletes.

I am a FB virgin. I have never had an account because FB has always lied about its selling and marketing and advertising of content and images (and IPO), which doesn’t seem to bother anyone except artists and radicals like myself who don’t want to be another pawn for corporate profit and gain.

So the next time you think you are working out your thoughts, moving around adjectives and nouns and verbs, remember, once you type it, you have ten minutes to delete it before MZ owns it.

one link: One link from Mailonline UK

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stars in the Fire Anthology

New Anthology Publication

Estrellas En El Fuego (Stars in The Fire): The Alternative New Year’s Spoken Word/Performance Extravaganza 2014 Anthology, Rogue Scholars Press, NY, NY

Poem included: The Rose Bordello

Saturday, December 14, 2013

REVERIE Ultra SHort Memoirs

My monologue "Train Birth" will be published in the anthology REVERIE Ultra Short Memoirs by Telling Our Stories Press

It's a paperback & an ebook

Hooray for books!