Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mother of Invention

Mother of Invention

A mother of two has come up with a plan on monitoring nannies. She created a license plate for the back of baby carriages that reads, “How am I doing?” along with a 800 (toll free) number.

The founder of this idea said in a recent TV interview that it’s a great way to keep Nannies in line because anyone can call the number and report on the Nanny's behavior. She believes her invention will give peace of mind to parents who hire Nannies.

In the US of A you can legally hire an illegal immigrant and pay her practically nothing (who is she going to complain to?), as long as you pay social security taxes on the earnings. This is a government requirement which will exonerate you from any crime but it in no way protects the illegal alien who can be deported at any time.

In my work as an immigration paralegal for a large law firm in New York I personally heard horror stories told to me by women from foreign countries who were slaves in New York. They worked for people seven days a week, cleaning and taking care of their children and were trapped. Their employers had taken their passports. In many cases these women had left their own families, including their own children in the belief of a better living and a better life.

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