Thursday, October 19, 2006

CNN Interview on the street

If you think you saw me on TV News about Hillary Clinton, you probably did.
On the Upper West Side, after passing the world globe, in the pouring rain, on my way to the Performing Arts Library a reporter, cameraman and mic holder were in my face.
CNN: Can we ask you a question?
Me: Yes.
CNN: What is your first name and who were you named after?
Me: Diane. After the Goddess the Hunter
CNN: Do you know who Hillary Clinton was named after?
Me: No idea.
CNN: Could you guess.
Me: Probably someone strong.
CNN: She says Sir Edmund Hillary who climbed Mount Everest but she was born before he did it.
Me: Oh
CNN: Tell us again who you were named after
ME: Princess Di
CNN: ...wait uh minute....
Me: If Hillary can lie. So can I.
CNN: Thank you. That was great.
(Just another role that I wasn't paid for.)

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