Monday, March 02, 2015

Guler Ugur update info

Correction (?)

I have been sent an email from someone who attended a meeting in the DA's office about the charges against Prezidor Probini who killed Guler Ugur. Apparently, Probini turned himself in earlier than the press reported including "The New York Times." There is also speculation about a previous felony charge of "armed robbery."

In my earlier post I did not publish the link to the court documents that I read that stated Probini had two previous felonies pending against him including "armed robbery." This is unfortunate because now these sites no longer carry "free" content.  I will continue to check. The March 11th hearing will determine what charges will be made against Probini based on "evidence." There is no mistake that Probini killed Guler Ugur. His whereabouts before and after constitute evidence.

I am not a believer in "internet" info. How often do we hear people say "I read it on the internet," but don't know and/or cannot site the source. One third of all internet content is inaccurate, (James Fallows, international writer for The Atlantic, did the research). Most of my blog is simple writings about personal experience. When I write about "other" information that I find interesting or hurtful to people or the environment, I like to share it and usually provide a link. The story about the death of my friend however, makes me realize that even court documents that are previously published as "public info" can disappear.

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