Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Update Hearing 3-11 for Prezidor Probini on the tragedy of killing Guler Ugur 12-31

Today was a hearing for Preizdor Probini for which the DA's office had informed anyone who inquired that nothing would happen, that there would be no plea deal, that it was not necessary for anyone to attend because it was a simple postponement for an actual court date.

But something did happen. The fact that "friends of Guler Ugur" attended resulted in an article in the new york press.

This proves that if you stand up for those you love, if you let the courts know that someone's life matters, like Guler's did to so many people, something happens. In this case, more press. Why is this man's attorney saying that it is a simple interpretation of the law, the fact that he was entering an intersection on a green light and that IF he had stopped he would not have been charged with a crime. Why is anyone treating this as an accident? It is not an accident.

When Probini killed Guler he: 1. was driving with a "suspended license" 2. was illegally passing on the right; 3. was speeding (proved by the fact that when he hit Guler she flew 80 feet); and 4. was driving his mother's car (what is her liability?)
and what about these facts:
  • Probini had two previous felonies prending: He punched his girlfriend in the stomach when she was pregnant and choked her until she could not breath
  • He had a previous felony charge of armed robbery (this makes two previous felonies that involved him threatening others' lives.)
This was no accident. It was a preventable tragedy.

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