Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Milk" Video Art 1976

For a limited time you can watch "Milk" on Tom Sherman's Vimeo page.

Video Still "Milk" 1976 10.15 b/w

Here's the link. Check it out: Milk

Diane Spodarek: "I first made video art in the MFA program at at Eastern Michigan University from 1973-1975. Using a Sony PortaPak I made black and white videos using myself in autobiographical 'stories.' After graduation and the birth of my daughter, Dana, I continued to work independently making solo video art works that became part of the early video art of the 70's.

One of the best is "Milk" (1976, 10 min, b/w) Description: While expressing my own breast milk into a glass I reflected on society’s attitudes toward breast-feeding in public and my husband’s reaction to the milk in his coffee. This tape was censored from many exhibitions at the time following public reaction - in particular death threats from patrons at The Detroit Institute of Arts exhibition "New Video and Performance Art in Detroit" in 1978."

Digital copy made from 1/2" VHS dub, March 13, 2015; digitized by Tom Sherman.

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