Sunday, March 01, 2015

February 2015 - Birthday - Drinking - Florida - Guler

 I missed the opportunity to post during the month of February (due to a very long flu illness) and now it is March 1st. February, my daughter's birthday month (as well as my own). We always celebrate with a birthday dinner. This year, we went to the restaurant on the corner of Washington and Bethune, only a half block from our front door. Above affordability, it is a once a year treat.  And it was the first time I have had a drink (red wine) with my daughter because I quit drinking 18 years ago. Now, after realizing getting drunk is just as over-rated as sobriety, I enjoy drinking again. Friends ask: "What is it like to drink after 18 years?" Simply, it's okay. Obsessing about not drinking was actually more harmful - for me - than now that I'm drinking occasionally. (But I did write a good show: "The Drunk Monologues.")
Here's one of Guler's favorite photos she took from my show at the NY Fringe performance:

Photo by Guler Ugur from "The Drunk Monologues" (As a pigeon from "The Ugly White Building" monolouge.)

I have been sad about Guler's death. I was in Florida when I heard about the man who killed her in his mother's car, while he was on bail for two previous felonies. This is the part I can't get over. It was no accident. Everyone calls it an accident. No, it wasn't. An accident - by definition - has unknown causes. If a two-time felon drives without a license in a borrowed car, (and illegally passes on the right and is speeding), all the causes of the unfortunate event are known and preventable. I flew back to NYC from Florida  for the memorial but got the flu and was in bed for days and unable to go out for weeks.

 I was helping my parents out in Florida, a place that is very alien to me after being in New York. There, people throw out racist and anti-Obama comments as often as they talk about the weather.  In this mix my parents - who voted for Obama - said they keep their political beliefs to themselves because the vitriol from the senior set is extreme.  My mother, who has dementia, however, says everyone she knows in Florida are Republicans because they want to pretend they are rich despite their working class backgrounds. My parents, 92 and 87 are living together in different ways.  My father plays tennis every other day and my mother struggles to put words together to communicate what she thinks and feels.

There is a hearing for Prezidor Probini on March 11th. There and then perhaps some justice will begin for Guler Ugur.

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