Thursday, October 02, 2008

Your Dream Home

For a million dollars, or two, you can live here

and share your beach with SUV's (when the tide is out)

photos shot from a look out point, Wellingtons Beach, Whangarei

According to recent news items in the press, there is crises in New Zealand. Its coastal shores are in danger because of erosion from the usual suspects: over development runoffs from timber, building, sheep, cows, and the weather and god's will according to some religious groups. But one thing the NZ Government will not do is ban cars from the beach because it's a Kiwi tradition. But they are asking people to not be assholes when using the beach. Tell that to the birds who are loosing their habitat.
(what you can't see is what I could: I was close enough to houses on my left to see into their kitchens and bedrooms....)

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