Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin is like a New Car - Lipstick on a Lemon is still a Lemon

A Riff on Sara Palin
Lipstick on a Lemon is still a Lemon

As told to me by an anonymous man:

Sara Palin is like a new car.
You see her in the lot and she looks really good.
Paint job is real shiney and she smells good too.
Turn the key and she revs up, blasting a nice sound.
She idles like a purring cat.
You take her for a test run, she seems okay.
Is she affordable?
Are there any hidden costs? What comes with her price and what is optional?
And, what if you need to go on a long trip, is she ready?
Could she be a lemon?
Could she be recalled?
When the warranty is up, are you stuck with her?
Will you be able to get rid of her? Or will you be stuck with her in your garage, driveway, eating away at your checkbook with every breakdown?

Maybe now is the time you need to look under the hood a little longer, check all her connections, make sure her lines going in and out are clean.
Lipstick on a lemon is still a lemon.

As told to me on the phone: sept 10 2008 8 pm est

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