Monday, September 01, 2008

Ngunguru, Northland, New Zealand

1 September 2008
New Moon
New beginnings

My final days in New Zealand will be spent in a home on a hill in Ngunguru with a black cat named Zakara while its owner, Lilicherie works in Wellington. Ngunguru is in the Northland, 40 minutes from the next town, Whangarei. I'm getting settled with supplies and hope and sadness. This view from my window looks out at the river and a sand spit; to the left it joins the sea. There are glorious walks here, -- when the tide is out -- along the sandy beach, cutting jagged cliffs to one side, the sea to the other. Many rocks from small to large, with jagged edges are covered with oysters. The beautiful sounds of Tui's and the shrill sounds of the oyster catchers accompany you wherever you go. In this photo the tide is in. A beautiful place to live before returning to New York.

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