Monday, August 04, 2008

Winter with Kazz Funky Blue painting

Painting on the right: The original oil painting in the play, WINTER, was generously donated by Kazz Funky Blue, a Newtown artist. It is a tradition in New York to see original works of art in tv shows and films by NY artists. I am very pleased Kazz said yes so we could display this very sensual work of a woman playing a cello. Not just a 'hang on the wall work,' it appears in scene 2 when Crystal's 'stuff' from the U.S. arrives. It's sensual message adds another level to this play with it's underlying sexual theme.

Radio plays "Nothing Changes" Detroit jam version recorded with The Ghost Band in Detroit in the summer of 2006 in LPJ's basement in Royal Oak -- same city Patti Smith and Fred Smith lived in for 16 years until Fred died and Patti moved back to New York with her two children and picked up her career where she left it when she had met Fred and moved to Detroit. Royal Oak is a suburb of Detroit. Great place because Mary and Leonard are there.

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