Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TORN WINTER: A story w/pic Ch Two

Torn Winter
Chapter Two: opening tease:
"I was at the theatre, but I can't say exactly what happened. The police have put a zipper on it. I don't think Blandhurst deserved to die...."

Note to my blog readers: I have had to remove my entries for "Torn Winter" due to bizarre events (which will be written in chapter 3) and a bidding war for this story. Eventually there will be a book under a pseudonym. It seems that my story about a writer killing critics is hot. But, let's remember critics are people too, somewhere bellow serial killer but above pedophile. We can only hope that someday their brain will go through a high powered car wash and re-adjust the importance of their left brain. In the meantime, send me an email if you want to read future chapters......

I went for a walk to calm my senses. Came across this idyllic scene, until you look closer in the lower right hand corner. It tears you apart but it's the real world.

...to be continued....

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