Monday, February 04, 2008

Money & Writers & Bush

Bush, New Zealand

Writer's Strike.
Looks like a deal is in the making so the academy awards can go forward. What a relief. I really didn't know what I was going to do without the academy awards.

Give me the money! According to the BBC (February 5 2008), "The Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation says the strike has cost the region's film and TV industry at least $650 million (£330 million) in lost wages, with the wider economy losing over $1 billion (£508 million)." I know journalists are part of the union, so how is stuff getting written and published in US papers every day? What is the loop hole here? Lawyers must be doing very well.

Pic: Hudson Street, Manhattn "Your Closet's Scarier Than Bush's Agenda."

President Bush's new federal budget is $3.1 trillion. He's asking for the biggest increase for the military since World War II. He's cutting back Medicare and Medicaid (health care for the poor). He's cutting out 151 programs including 47 that involve education.

The federal debt was $3.3 trillion when Bush took office. It's expected to reach $5.4 trillion this year. This is the worst situation for the USA in its entire history. Looks like trouble ahead.

Bush wants to stimulate the economy by offering incentives to spend money. The next time I'm in New York, I'll take the subway instead of walking. That $2.00 one way should help. It was 60 cents when I moved to NY in 1981. In '81 the minimum wage was $3.35/hour. Now it's $5.85; however, New York state has it's own wage at $7. Of course undocumented workers, employed by the wealthy and government servants are paid whatever their employers feel like. The presidential candidates have not said much on immigration. The person I was going to vote for, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, has dropped out. He was the only one who voted against the war. I can only hope that people vote for the right candidate not the one they think can win, which is why the republicans took over 8 years ago in the first place.

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