Friday, February 01, 2008

Fly Nude

I don't care what people wear but I know I don't want to sit in a seat that was previously occupied by a naked person, squirming in a tight space. According to the BBC, there is a big demand for this new nude air flight in Germany where people will board with their clothes on and then take their clothes off. What is the point? Once seated you can't see anyone (the stewards and stewardess will keep their clothes on for safety; and no tea or coffee as a safety precaution.) And what about those seat belts strapped across your lap and the large metal clasp cutting into naked flesh? As I recall that clasp sits right about the center of my body just below the naval, where, well let's say, it could be dangerous, especially for men?

And what about the life span of a crab in the upholstery? I don't care if they say there will be a cloth on the seat. Nothing stays put in an airline seat.

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