Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Gig

Two new plays.

I wrote Marley & Rachel the first few weeks back in New York in July, 2006 after living in New Zealand for a year. A 9/11 play about the homeless. From the media release:
Double amputee War Vet Marley and the newly homeless New Zealander Rachel experience the moments just before and after Tower One is attacked in a memorable dramatic situation. Performed by New Zealand actors Kazz Funky Blue and Paulette McIndoe. Directed by Neil Furby. There was a staged reading of this play in November, 2006 in New York at Tribes Gallery. The actors were Dawn D'Arcy, Sean St. James and Marilyn Beck.

"In the Cellar of My Heart" I wrote the first draft in Kentucky, staying with my sister Karen. After a traumatic month of taking care of my cousin Billy Haines' funeral in Canada. Billy died from an overdose under mysterious circumstances. I wanted to write about death since it wouldn't leave me alone. In the Cellar is about a woman who isolates to the point of despair.

From the media release:
A woman’s dead son walks into her room as she takes an over dose of pills. Will she slip off the mortal coil and be seduced by pills and booze, or will she keep the promise she made to her son when he was born. Solo performance by Canadian American artist Diane Spodarek. Directed by Diane Spodarek.

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