Thursday, December 20, 2012

Employers Demand Your Social Media Passwords

Just stick a camera up my ass and call it a day.

Illinois and Maryland have actually passed legislation to prohibit employers from requiring applicants and its existing employees to disclose their social media passwords. California has similar legislation in progress. Will Employers find a way around it. Will they say there is no such thing as privacy anymore. Or, what's the big deal if you got nothing to hide?

Laws were once passed about women's rights' to privacy too.

Anyone remember these questions that violated the law?

Questions asked by interviewers (men) to me personally:

1. It's against the law to ask you if you intend to have children but you can volunteer the information.
2. I'm looking for someone who is going to be around. If you get pregnant that's a problem for me.
3. I don't want to hire someone who has children, you might call in sick because your kid is sick.

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