Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Birthday Has Come

Here we go again, into the age of Aquarius -- officially. Jupiter is aligned with Mars and here we go spreading peace and love everywhere.

In Woodstock on my birthday I watched two hawks flying above me near the woods where I was walking. They are heavy birds with a wide wingspan of black and silver feathers against a clear blue sky, orange beaks pointed down, legs extended behind them tucked close to their guts. They landed in a tree and again flew above me, coming closer.

In Woodstock on my birthday I listened to Levon Helm, because he lives somewhere near by. The CD was sent to me by Jay who lives in North Carolina. Levon Helm is so full of joy, even when he sings about sorrow, he does it with a joy that makes the day go well. He gives everything when he sings.

In Woodstock on my birthday I looked for work, I listened to the news and cried and went to bed happy because my daughter called me and my family sent me cards. Dad said he knows someone who has a cheap car. A car is what I need in Woodstock, if I stay. It's so groovy here, I like it better than New Zealand, but I really miss my New Zealand friends. My new Woodstock friends say if I like it here in summer I will be ecstatic in the summer!

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