Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tears for New Zealand

national party wins in new zealand

New Zealand just elected John Key, (self made millionaire) of the National Party, an extreme right winger who wants to bring in nuclear energy, send troops to Iraq, create more private investing, and cut back on all the layabouts (social services) including health care. Hey, this sounds like the last administration in the U.S. He said New Zealanders want a safer NZ (code for you know what)

While living in NZ I witnessed two campaigns for Prime Minister, 2005 and 2008, although more low key than the US, the drama was high in 2005 because Don Brash's campaign money came from the Exclusive Brethren, a right-wing Christian organization, and personal consultations on how to campaign from George Bush's advisers. When these things were discovered, they were denied (and later proven true) National lost in 2005.

Although I found it understandable that while I lived in New Zealand people were quite rabid haters of George Bush, (as in: "...there's enough of you bloody amerians here already!") it is perplexing now why they have virtually elected him to run their country.

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Bonny Finberg said...

They say NZ is 5-10 years behind the States. So, I guess they're on schedule. ;-)