Monday, November 10, 2008

Looking for an Apartment in New York

I sublet my Manhattan apartment and the sub letter stole it. So now I'm starting over again.

Looking for an apartment in new york city has been a daunting experience. People who have overpriced dumps are loosing roommates and want a new one to share the love. After looking for a few weeks I know what I want and don't want: I want light, clutter free space with a window that doesn't, 1. have bars, 2. look out on a wall, 3. look out on a roof, all of which I have lived with in the past.

Checking out shares is interesting too. Some apartments have no living/shared space. Just kitchens with rooms next to the kitchen for sleeping.

After house sitting in beautiful apartments in Queens and Brooklyn and visiting friends in Manhattan who respect the space they live in, it is harder for me to compromise. I miss what I left three years ago, a beautiful apartment on the lower east side, on a high floor. I subleased my apartment to a friend of a friend, who promised to return my apartment to me when I returned to New York. So it goes.

The thief is a real estate agent --, oh ironies of irony.

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