Saturday, August 18, 2007

New York Pics August 2007

Walking the streets of New York

Richard Serra Retrospective at MOMA. Tons of steel, inside, outside, in sculpture garden. Soooooo over-rated. What's the big deal? Inside, walking in and around the hard-edged pieces of steal, felt little.

Corner of 13th Street & 7th Avenue, Young Homeless Woman sleeping with a message on her stuff.

Flowers Cafe. Essex Street & Grand. Coffee $1.50 for large, no extra for soy milk. Refills free. That comes to 75 cents per cup or $1.07 in kiwi dollars. That's a long way from my last $4 for a flat white.

Avenue B where I have already had plenty of tequila shots.

Skechers Ad. Grand Street & Essex. Notice the "made in sweatshops" logo.

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