Thursday, November 27, 2014

Reasons to not eat turkey Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving is a good day to give thanks by respecting life.

Beautiful turkey, Ontario, Canada
ph cr: diane spodarek

Reasons to pass on turkey this year: 

300 million turkeys are killed in the US for Thanksgiving & Christmas

Baby turkeys start their lives in huge incubators

They will never see their mothers

After a few weeks they are crammed with thousands of others in massive windowless sheds

Turkeys are fed, drugged and genetically manipulated to grow as large and as quickly as possible, some so large their legs break beneath them

In 1970 the average turkey weighed 17 pounds. Today turkeys average 28 pounds.

At 5 months they are sent to the slaughterhouse

What happens at a modern slaughterhouse is so vile and disgusting I cannot write it here.

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