Thursday, May 22, 2014

Finally leaving Florida and getting closer to drinking again

I'm happy to soon return to New York where the visual landscape is more than whiney people who came here from someplace else.  I have not seen a black person in 6 weeks. I am surrounded by climate change deniers and Obama haters including my parents' neighbor who thinks it's okay to tell me a joke about a paraplegic who rings a woman's doorbell with his penis.

My father is 91 and mom is 86. Every time Dad pours a glass of red wine he says "doctors orders" because his doctor told him he is in such good health that he should just keep doing what he has been doing. Someday I will join him. I miss red wine with intense longing and when I do have a glass - after 19 years of sobriety - it will not be walmart red wine. (Sorry dad, cheaper is not better.) My father also  plays tennis about four times a week.

Mom, who used to do "sit and be fit" every day, slowly lost her memory from dementia. Although now dependent on others, here she is playing jazz on the piano last week.

And here's dad doing his thing with my sister , playing doubles.

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