Monday, October 28, 2013

"Lucky Me" a short review of the latest mommie dearest book


“Lucky Me: My Life With - and  Without – My Mother Shirley MacLaine” by Sachi Parker.

A short review:

First, Shirley MacLaine says she's devastated about the lies in the book and doesn’t know why her daughter would say such things. Really? Did she really think there would be no payback for abandoning her daughter?

Second, the book is not well written but the content is fascinating. (Maybe she should have written it herself without help.) When questioned about the truth of her claims, Satchi said in an interview that everyone in Hollywood knew everything that is in the book.  If so, MacLaine should be in jail for child abuse and others who knew and didn’t report it, as well.

I am neither a lover or hater of Shirley MacLaine but I did read her autobiographical book “Out on a Limb” many years ago. I knew something was amiss (it’s dripping with narcissism) when there was more in the book about her Russell Terrier than her daughter. So now we know why. She never saw her. Sachi says she still loves her mother, (and that’s her right) but shouldn’t children be allowed to hate mothers who abuse or abandon their children for art?

According to Parker, MacLaine left her with her father who lived in Japan at the age of two (really!). She went on to make more money than anyone needs. Instead of using this money for her daughter (she gave her nothing, wouldn’t even pay for college) MacLaine sent $65,000 a month to the father, (who sexually abused Parker) for over twenty years. MacLaine believed that the man she left her daughter with was not the real father, (even worse) but rather was a clone of her husband who was on a secret government mission in space (which cost $65,000 a month.) When MacLaine found out – after 23 years apparently – with the evidence Parker showed her that the man was a con, MacLaine divorced him.

As they say in art and life: you can’t make this stuff up.
Bravo to Sachi Parker for having the courage to tell her story.

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No "free use" photos of Sachi Parker on the internet. However, she looks exactly like Shirley MacLaine before she got really big.

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