Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Archive of my Videoart at the New Museum

In a few days I will be working with technicians at The New Museum to archive my early videoart work, created with Jay Yager.

When Jay and I first collaborated in video, we used a half inch portapac machine, reel to reel tape, and created. "No Pain No Gain." It was 1984 and we traveled to Canada and shot 12 vignettes that i wrote and performed in.
Description of that first tape with Jay:
Diane Spodarek returns to her childhood Summer home where, surrounded by family and friends, she talks about body building and life.  Through twelve intimate "journal entries" she reflects on discipline, confidence, loneliness, sex, art, competition, men, motherhood, marriage, health, rape, and fishing.

This black and white tape, (14. min. 05 sec) was edited and shot by Jay. It went on to win multiple awards and was the beginning of a wonderful collaboration. All together we made 15 videoart works from 1984 to 2006 that originated on various technologies from half inch reel to reel to digital. We hope to have many of them in The New Museum archive. I will post links here.

check out Jay Yager and his work at the spider shack:

Jay at the Belle River Marina, Ontario 2006

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