Thursday, June 06, 2013

Take Cover

Text Alert: Take Cover. Tornado Alert. Take Cover Now

the above text was sent to my phone which I read thirty minutes after the alert expired.

I am visiting folks in Florida. I purchased my phone in New York. However, I got this text. I don't know how it works, but there you go!  So how is it any surprise that the government has authority over obtaining phone records from Verizon when this same story was published in 2006 under Bush!
Here's link to that story:

What about Zuckenberg? What about the banks, the credit card companies, google, et al?  Every stroke has always been collected. There is more personal harm in spying by corporations than the government. It's interesting though how the right wing call Snowden a hero. Something is behind this.

JUST ASKING: how did Edward Snowden, a high school drop out expose CIA secrets? He then runs off to Hong Kong? Snowden says he trusts the courts and people there over the US. Maybe he should have finished high school geography before dropping out. I remember a friend who applied for a job with the CIA. Snowden couldn't have possibly passed the vetting process. Is he a plant? If so, who is behind this mess?

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