Thursday, May 23, 2013

News That Should Piss You Off

Oklahoma Republican Senators Jim Inhoe and Tom Coburn, repeatedly voted against funding disaster aid for other parts of the country (most recently Hurricane Sandy) in addition to opposing increased funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which administers federal disaster relief.
Both have twitter accounts where they asked for prayer for Oklahoma. 
What are the odds they will ask the big bad government for aid in secular cash?

Republican Oklahoma Governor Marry Fallin has refused to accept Obamacare’s optional expansion of the Medicaid program, denying 130,000 low income people access to health care. Under OK law, families can’t get Medicaid coverage unless annual income falls below $6,996 for family of four, despite the fact that Medicaid would actually save OK $48 million per year if expanded to include families with dependent children with an income up to $30,000.

News that brings a smile:

The Oklahoma tornado survivor, Rebecca Vitsmun, while holding her baby, responds to Wolf Blitzer's inappropriate question:
"I guess you got to thank the Lord right?"
Silence (her home was demolished)
"You got to thank the Lord....?"
"Actually, I'm an atheist."

Yes! Thank you Rebecca. you are a hero. It takes courage to look at that dour CNN face and say who you are, and then to laugh.

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