Wednesday, January 02, 2013

itunes too? More household gods win

2nd day of the year and I need an iTunes upgrade.
This upgrade changed the look of my iTunes and prompted the question do I want to SHARE? This way iTunes can send me what THEY think I would like to listen to. Should I agree? Do I really want a computer program to suggest cultural choices?

I don't own the music in my iTunes, even the cd's i put there that I bought and the music I buy (not cheap) at the iTunes store. I can transfer 11 times only to other devices; and 7 times to a CD.

Clicking on AGREE to any digital contract is the same as signing a contract. And that includes renting the music.

So, the household gods win again.

 Got kids and partner? How many devices to play music all together? You could deplete your right to transfer your music to your next device in a year!  So, say five years from now I can't transfer myLeonard Cohen and Patti Smith to my new digital device?

Technology is a necessity. But the cost is not affordable for everyone.  Add up how much today  phone, internet, cable, mobile devices cost a month. All permanent costs that didn't exist a decade ago. I wouldn't care if there was a choice. The only choice I have that is loosing ground is not being on Facebook. Ever since a gov official said the future is using facebook to "inform" the public, I have lost faith in a thinking society.

Not long ago I moved around a lot. Through the years I gave up my vinyl, my cassettes, my CDs (although I still buy CD's). Transferring music from old computer to new has been a challenge. Albums, artists and songs have disappeared. It's just me listening to music, but some of it is gone.

Some artists (like Jack White a fellow Detroiter) are recording on vinyl again because  it SOUNDS better. This is not a discovery. It always sounded better.

Music comes from the heart.  Without it we loose our love and compassion for life.

Women dressing as strippers and gyrating on the stage is not music or love.
Men vocalizing about smashing women's teeth for better blow jobs is not love or music.
It's commerce.
It's only commerce.

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