Friday, March 02, 2012

The "I Don't Care" Song

Reading the entry of yesterday I noticed how lyrics from my songs entered my prose. (everything is a memory)

Curious when that happens. Is it true that an artist must "care" immensely to write a song called "I Don't Care"? There are many songs out there with this title, (in addition to You Don't Care, We Don't Care, They Don't Care, etc.), so I think I am probably in good company. I wrote "I Don't Care" for the Dangerous Diane Band in 1978 when my daughter was two and I cared about everything because the world got so much bigger! Listening today, I think it still kicks.

I Don't Care

What's wrong with the immediate/most things are
It may be false/but it's splendidly false
I don't care if it's temporary/everything is a memory
I don't care/I don't care/I don't care

It takes talent to transform useful into useless
There was no sadistic intention
It's not enough to live/just to be creative
I don't care/I don't care/I don't care

copyright 1978, 2012 Diane Spodarek

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Greg Poirier said...

It's funny how things like this come up. I was listening to copy just the other day and thought the same. I had a lot of fun playing bass on it and you're right. It still kicks after all this time.