Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sexual Harassment is a Big Fat Lie!

Sexual Harassment is a Big Fat Lie?
No one believes these women. No one believes these children. Why should they? Where’s the proof?
Do you believe my story? This is just one of many:

My first job in New York City after moving here from Detroit with my five year old daughter and my husband. I signed with a temp agency that sent me to a garment manufacturer who said he wanted to hire me as the receptionist and secretary to the VP. It was late summer shortly after we moved here in June. By Autumn the VP was giving me letters that had to go out that night. After a few nights of this, after everyone had left, he threw me up against a wall, shoved his knee into my grown, grabbed my breasts and smashed his face into mine, his tongue slobbering all over me. I pushed him away and he said, "Is it because you're married?"

It didn't stop. The VP came to work one day with a black square suitcase, said he wanted to take me to a special lunch, at the 21 Club or the Rainbow Room. After I could have the rest of the day off and we would go to a hotel room. Another woman, (a dark haired angel) in the small office saw the suitcase and told me there were sex toys in it. She said that he had harassed her in the past with the same lunch offer. She offered to stay late at the office if the VP kept me after hours. She never witnessed him touching me but she could see how distressed I was and knew what was going on. Every night she gave up her personal time to act busy at her desk to save me from the VP's "unwanted advances". I was grateful.

Like the battered women who do not leave men who hit them, like those who know exactly what I am toaking about, I still wonder, 30 years later, why didn't I quit? Why was I so desperate? I was young, living from paycheck to paycheck. I was responsible for the family while my husband looked for work (and that VP knew this!) He was a family man. For xmas he bought tickets for me and my family to see the Rockefeller xmas show because his kids enjoyed it so much.

If I say he was the VP of Sweet-Orr, in midtown thirty years ago, do you know him? If so, I am sorry, I am very very sorry. But this is a true story. Respectable men do this! I cannot prove it. I was molested and harassed and I can remember it clearly.

I had to post this. The present sex scandals of women and young boys makes me so daman mad and sad. If we all stand up and tell our story, can we at least make a dent in this? Point the finger. Go on.

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