Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What I do

Photo: Guler Ugur, Summer New York 2007

Hello to anyone who reads my blog.

In the interest of how little time is left in this present reincarnation, I will continue to document my work and stuff as it occurs here there and everywhere in photos and writing.

Coming up on my two year blog anniversary, (May, 2006), I can see how not much has changed with my approach of photos and musings about where I'm at at the moment.

I am always interested in showing other artists' work as well, with links and photos of your work, or a poem. (Still working on linking stuff to the website.) Those who are in the archives: Petruska, Beens, Dombrowski, Sumaya, Cordula, Guler Ugur, and many more.

This pic of me by Guler is what my flatmate Helen says is a "pretty good pukana" but it was in fact taken last year in New York. I wasn't trying to do a pukana. It was the hottest day of the summer and we were dripping in sweat. The haka, a traditional Maori dance is one of the things that gives me goose bumps in NZ.

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dennis guastella said...

Yes Diane, I visit your site often to catch up on what is going on in your life and work. Wishing you peace and harmony.

love, dennis guastella