Saturday, March 08, 2008

Zarathustra Said - a Review

Alan Brunton's Death Song
"Zarathustra Said," by Alan Brunton, Directed by Lilicherie McGregor, at Happy, Wellington Fringe Festival, 2008
photo: courtesy Lilicherie McGregor

"Zarathustra Said" began in the dark, the space softly illuminated by candles around small rocks near pillars. Sounds of live music filled the space as three musicians in white suits entered playing their instruments: a clarinet, a horn, and a plastic toy horn. They marched and strutted, followed by three characters: a nymph in white rags who climbed the bar, her face, arms and legs dusted by white clay; next the Master of Ceremonies in a tux and white face with painted red cheeks and bow lips who greeted the audience with a stance as if she could swallow us whole; the Butcher menacing and proud; and walking on her hands a sexy blonde wearing a very short dress. This was just the beginning of "Zarathustra Said."
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