Monday, December 17, 2007

Godzone - A Review

GODZONE. 4-15 December, 2007. Production by Ioonesco, formed in 2005 by Will Harris and Sarah Griffiths. Cast: Paul McLaughlin, Peter Rutherford, Will Harris.

Speaking of actors having too much fun. Godzone was a scream. The play delivers all things New Zealand with self-deprecating fun. Some lines you probably had to be a Kiwi to get -- (a few times I was the only person in the theatre not laughing), but for the most part, it didn't matter. All three actors were wonderful. A great Kiwi ensemble.

The night I saw GODZONE, Thursday, 13th of December, there was a perfect improv moment. Mobile phones can kill a moment and I have heard stories of actors stopping a production on Broadway when it happens. But not in GODZONE. During the kiwi sheep scene, a mobile phone began ringing. We all looked to the woman frantically searching her bag for her phone as it continued to ring. Then the sheep moved in, following the sound, as if rehearsed. After turning it off, the woman turned multiple shades of red, while the sheep watched her. We the audience enjoyed every second. Finally, to the relief of the woman, the sheep found her boring and bounced back to the stage. And the show went on. Live theatre is best when the audience can enjoy the unexpected and Godzone delivers.

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